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How Liberal Opponents Misled Conservatives into Opposing an Amendments Convention

March 27, 2015 Rob Natelson 0

This article originally appeared at CNS News.
Some conservative groups have become known for uncompromising opposition to the Constitution’s convention method of proposing constitutional amendments.
They may think they are protecting the republic. But it turns out that they are mostly carrying water for the liberal establishment.
New research shows that nearly all the arguments of convention opponents […]

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Yet Another Multi-State Convention Uncovered

March 11, 2015 Rob Natelson 0

For many years, opponents of a convention for proposing amendments argued that the law governing such a convention was unknowable because the only precedent for such a gathering was the Constitutional Convention of 1787.
This was always an ignorant claim, since even high schoolers learn that Annapolis, Maryland hosted a “convention of states” the previous year. […]