About Us

The Article V Information Center is a non-partisan research that promotes truthful, unbiased information about a key constitutional right. We are comparable to a voter information center: We provide information and correct misinformation.

About funding: In 2014, two individuals donated barely enough to allow us to create this website. We maintain the site with volunteer labor. We have never received grants from any foundation, corporation, or government. In particular, we have never received grants or from the Koch brothers, George Soros, or any of their entities.

About our sources of information: Our basic conclusions about Article V derive from research by several constitutional scholars, all of it published in independent scholarly journals. The initial research by the site moderator, Professor Rob Natelson, was performed in 2009 and 2010 and was supported solely by his normal academic salary. Professor Natelson is currently is America’s most published active scholar on the amendment process, although he has published on many other constitutional topics as well. His bibliography is here.