March 2013 Article V Symposium, Denver, CO

Part I – Opening Remarks by Professor Rob Natelson (7:52)

Part II – Robert Berry Outlines Several Amendment Ideas (20:23)

Part III – Michael Farris’ Remarks (17:09)

Part IV – Roundtable Discussion (48:13)

Part V – Colorado Senator Kevin Lundberg and Representative Lori Saine’s Resolution (13:47)

Part VI – Questions and Answers (32:45)

Part VII – Mark Meckler’s Closing Comments (11:42)

Convention of States (COS), 2014
Professor Rob Natelson on the Myth of a “Runaway” Article V Convention (3:36)

American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), 2013
Professor Rob Natelson on an Article V Convention (14:05)

The Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies – 2012 National Lawyers Convention
Professor Rob Natelson presents on Article V (20:35)


Rob Natelson on Grassroots Radio discussing Article V


A Legal Treatise on the Law of Amendment Conventions

Run Time: 0:15:53 Play Now MP3 04/29/14

Professor Rob Natelson joins to discuss his latest treatise A Compendium for Lawyers and Legislative Drafters. It is a 300-plus page treatise all about Article V convention for proposing amendments. A must read for anyone interested in the subject.

Article V Convention Won’t Do Enough Now?

Run Time: 0:18:27 Play Now MP3 03/20/14

Professor Rob Natelson tells us the latest charge levied against an Article V Convention for Proposing Amendments. First it was that it might “runaway” and do “too much.” Now the latest criticism is that it won’t do enough! What can possibly explain this bizarre turn of events?

A Bibliography for Researching Original Understanding

Run Time: 0:16:43 Play Now MP3 12/10/13

Would you like to examine some of the documents scholars use to better understand the original Constitution? Professor Rob Natelson outlines some of the sources in his bibliography for researching the original understanding.

Article V’s Convention for Proposing Amendments: 3 Waves

Run Time: 0:18:50 Play Now MP3 09/09/13

Professor Rob Natelson sits down to discuss the three waves of thought concerning Article V conventions, also known as conventions for proposing amendments – NOT constitutional conventions. Learn how the more recent waves, especially this 3rd wave, is getting close to the full picture of what Article V truly means.

Layman’s Guide to Article V

Run Time: 0:23:03 02/11/13

Professor Rob Natelson gives listeners a great way to communicate the ideas of an Article V convention for proposing amendments. He’s created a 2-page flyer that gives the basics in hopes that people will spread the word.

The Great Forgetting

Run Time: 0:20:09 Play Now MP3 03/02/12

Constitutional law scholar Rob Natelson has coined the phrase, “the great forgetting” to describe the disconnect between the 18th century Founders and the 19th century folks who came after them. It didn’t take long for the next century’s interpretations of the founding era became distorted with misconceptions. Listen to Rob explain the great forgetting and how we can avoid succumbing to its consequences.

How to Interpret the Founding Documents?

Run Time: 0:20:05 Play Now MP3 12/21/11

It’s an age old question: how do we interpret our founding documents, like our U.S. Constitution? We’ve heard terms like, “original intent,” “original understanding,” and “original meaning.” But do any of those interpretive strategies work better than others? Rob Natelson gives his take on how to interpret our founders’ words and what to do when meaning isn’t entirely clear.

Early History of Article V Conventions

Run Time: 0:20:31 Play Now MP3 09/21/11

Professor Rob Natelson discusses his new Issue Paper on the history of Article V conventions “for proposing amendments.” He talks about 4 specific examples of when the process was kicked into action and what ended up happening thereafter.

Conventions for Proposing Amendments Explained

Run Time: 0:26:11 Play Now MP3 08/10/11

After 2 years of research digging into the Founding era historical record, Rob Natelson has written an in-depth account of Article V Conventions, also known as Conventions for Proposing Amendments. These meetings are the answer to our runaway Congress says Rob. Listen here to find out more about this vital check on our federal government’s ever expanding power.

4 Point Test for a Federal Amendment

Run Time: 0:17:57 Play Now MP3 07/14/11

Professor Rob Natelson explains his 4 point test for drafting and passing a successful Article V Federal amendment to rein in Congress. For an illustration, Rob uses a balanced budget amendment.

Article V Convention Wrap-Up: Practical Advice

Run Time: 0:29:33 Play Now MP3 03/03/11

We’ve done quite a few podcasts on the Article V Convention. This one sums up the topic with practice guidance and recommendations from Professor Rob Natelson.

Was James Madison Against a Convention for Proposing Amendments?

Run Time: 0:13:51 Play Now MP3 01/21/11

There is an argument being made that James Madison was in fact against an Article V convention – a convention for proposing amendments. Rob Natelson explains why this claim is unfounded by looking at the context of the letter in question – written by Madison in 1788.

How to Interpret the Constitution

Run Time: 0:16:40 Play Now MP3 01/04/11

At first glance, our U.S. Constitution seems pretty straightforward. However, Professor Rob Natelson makes the point that the words and phrases in our constitution have very specific meanings in the context of 18th century law. It’s not as clear cut as you might imagine.

Was Philadelphia in 1787 a Runaway?

Run Time: 0:20:53 Play Now MP3 12/01/10

You’ve heard it many times before. It’s a claim that almost seems common knowledge these days – that the Constitutional convention in Philadelphia in 1787 was a runaway convention that far exceeded the authority it was granted. Professor Rob Natelson shares insights and evidence that this is not the case. Listen here and you be the judge.