Legal Treatise:

The Law of Article V: State Initiation of Constitutional Amendments (Apis Books, 2nd ed 2020)

Issue Papers:

A Proposed Balanced Budget Amendment (This paper also provides includes specific drafting rules for any amendment.)

How the New York Times and Washington Post Spread “Fake News” About An Amendments Convention

The Liberal Establishment’s Disinformation Campaign Against Article V—and How It Misled Conservatives

Is the “Compact for America” Plan to Amend the Constitution Constitutional?

Legal and Historical Scholarship:

Is the Constitution’s Convention for Proposing Amendments a “Mystery?” Overlooked Evidence in the Narrative of Uncertainty, 104 Marquette L. Rev. 1  (2020)

Counting to Two Thirds: How Close Are We to A Convention for Proposing Amendments to the Constitution? 19 Fed. Soc. Rev. 50 (2018)

The Article V Convention Process and the Restoration of Federalism, 36 Harvard J. L. & Pub. Pol. 955 (2013)

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Proposing Constitutional Amendments by Convention: Rules Governing the Process, 78 Tenn. L. Rev. 693 (2011)

Amending the Constitution by Convention: Practical Guidance for Citizens and Policymakers (Independence Institute, 2012)

Amending The Constitution by Convention: Lessons for Today from the Constitution’s First Century (Independence Institute, 2011)

Amending the Constitution by Convention: A More Complete View of the Founders’ Plan (Independence Institute, 2010)

Manual for State Legislators:

Article V: A Handbook for State Lawmakers (3d ed., 2016)