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The Impending “Convention for Proposing Amendments” – Part I

December 13, 2015 Rob Natelson 0

Note: This is Part I of a six-part series I wrote on Amendment Conventions for the Washington Post’s “Volokh Conspiracy,” a leading constitutional law website. Links have not been reproduced, because all supporting information is on this website and can be found with by word search.
Part I: How Past Conventions Inspired the Constitution’s “Convention for […]

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Soros-Funded Groups Attack the Article V Movement

December 6, 2015 Rob Natelson 0

Article V activists have had to deal with the defamatory, and potentially actionable, charge that they are supported by socialist billionaire George Soros.
As far as I can determine, however, no one in the movement has been able to identify any pro-Article V Soros money at all.
On the contrary, Soros-funded groups have repeatedly assailed Article V […]

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Answering Questions About the Voting Rules at a Convention for Proposing Amendments

November 2, 2015 Rob Natelson 0

Note: This column appeared originally at the American Thinker.
In a recent post, I examined suggestions that a convention of the states for proposing amendments adopt a supermajority rule for proposing any amendment. Most commonly suggested is that the convention replace the traditional “majority of states decides” standard with a two thirds requirement.
I explained that this […]

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How A Famous English Convention Clarifies the Role of a Convention of States

September 27, 2015 Rob Natelson 0

Note: This article first appeared on the American Thinker website.
In the Anglo-American constitutional tradition, a “convention” can mean a contract, but the word is more often applied to an assembly, other than a legislature, convened to address ad hoc political problems. The “Convention for proposing Amendments” authorized by Article V of the Constitution is designed […]