Soros-Funded Groups Attack the Article V Movement

Rob in the Colorado Rockies

Article V activists have had to deal with the defamatory, and potentially actionable, charge that they are supported by socialist billionaire George Soros.

As far as I can determine, however, no one in the movement has been able to identify any pro-Article V Soros money at all.

On the contrary, Soros-funded groups have repeatedly assailed Article V and its activists. For example, the October 21, 2014 Washington Post featured an attack by the president of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a Soros-funded group.

Another example is a wide-ranging assault on Article V and its activists by Common Cause, a group that is not only supported by Soros, but is reputedly one of his favorite donees.

Then in January, 2016 Texas Gov. Greg Abbot’s support for an Article V convention was assailed by the Texas ACLU. That group’s parent, the American ACLU, is also a major recipient of Soros funding.  And a few weeks later a coalition of Soros funded groups issued a coordinated attack on Article V.

It is long past time for those who have claimed that Article V activists are supported by Soros to firmly and publicly apologize.